Consulting Services

Monaghan Consulting provide a variety of consultation services and interactive training workshops for the development of skills to address cultural complexities and maintain well-being in the workplace.

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness

Designed to help people identify with past issues and how they affect contemporary Aboriginal people.

Self Care

Developing skills to address cultural complexities and maintain well-being in the workplace.

Small Group Facilitation

Improving group leadership skills, adult learning principles and communication within groups.

Team Building

Understanding, communication and strong team relationships within the workplace.

Research & Consultation

Clear insight when engaging in proper consultation with Aboriginal people and communities.

Lateral Violence

Skills to identify and expose lateral violence within Aboriginal communities/workplaces.




Photography by Scott Monaghan

Training Workshops

Interactive workshops focusing on Aboriginal cross cultural awareness

  • workshop-faces

    Aboriginal Cultural Awareness

    This one-day generic course is designed to build on people’s skills in providing services to Aboriginal people in ways that respect and

  • workshop-stones

    Lateral Violence

    This one-day, interactive course provides participants with the skills to identify and expose lateral violence within Aboriginal communit

  • workshop-face

    Self Care Workshops

    This one-day workshop is designed to assist Aboriginal staff in developing skills to address additional cultural complexities and maintai

  • workshop-waterfall

    Team Building

    This 2 ½ day interactive workshop is designed to foster understanding, communication and strong relationships within work teams so as to

  • workshop-didgeridoo

    Research & Consultation

    Researching with Aboriginal Communities Robert is very mindful of Aboriginal community and individuals during the res

  • workshop-trees

    Small Group Facilitation

    This one-day, interactive course is designed to enable participants to get the best out of a group by understanding how small groups work

About Us

Robert Monaghan is a descendant of the Bundjalung Nation on his mother’s side; his family and extended family are from the North Coast alongside the Clarence River at Baryulgil. On his fathers side a long and rich history of descendants from Ireland.

Robert & Vikki Monaghan

Our History

Robert has spent 15 years working within both national, state and local governments, as well as within the Aboriginal community controlled sector with roles that include Aboriginal Health Educator, NSW State Coordinator for Aboriginal sexual health hepatitis and reproductive health.

He is a dynamic and entertaining presenter who communicates with sensitivity and a sense of humour.

Our Vision

Robert also specialises in the development and delivery of interactive face-to-face training packages designed around working with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, Aboriginal health and employment, and cross cultural awareness.

He holds a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (TAE40110), Diploma in Community Services and a Diploma in Community Development.

Our Values

Robert has developed strong relationships with Aboriginal communities across Australia whilst carrying out consultations.

Robert is able to present in-house workshops in both the government and the community sector and works on various project teams as a consultant as required.


Robert Monaghan

Robert Monaghan to seek office

Local knowledge and a passionate desire to make a difference for his people has driven Bundjalung man Robert Mo

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Monaghan Consulting launch new

Monaghan Consulting have launched an all new website with an Aboriginal theme and stunning photography by Scott

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Did you know?








There were over 300 spoken languages at the start of European settlement, fewer than 200 of these remain in use, and all but 20 are considered to be endangered.

Most scholars date the arrival of humans in Australia at 40,000 to 50,000 years ago, with a possible range of up to 125,000 years ago.

Consisting of 250 individual nations, many in alliance with one another, within each nation there existed several clans and each nation had its own language.

Photography by Scott Monaghan

Our Clients

Our clients include the NSW Government Department of Family and Community Services (FACS), Directions Australia, Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW, NSW Health, Roads and Maritime Services, Attorney Generals and Justice NSW Police, North Coast Medicare Local and Juvenile Justice.


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