This one-day generic course is designed to build on people’s skills in providing services to Aboriginal people in ways that respect and support the diversity of Aboriginal cultures, and value the strengths in Aboriginal individuals, families and communities.

Course topics include:

  • Aboriginal cultures, nations & protocols, family & kinship systems
  • Discrimination, myths & stereotypes
  • The impact of colonisation and its effect on contemporary Aboriginal peoples
  • Current statistics regarding Aboriginal people
  • Aboriginal identity and how to improve communication
  • Practical strategies around working effectively with Aboriginal people in developing culturally appropriate programs & services

This interactive workshop can be tailored for the service and is conducted in a safe and non-judgemental environment where participants are encouraged to question freely but with respect. Organisations may wish to include an ‘Awkward Questions’ session where staff can ask anonymous questions if required.

The course is factual and has been designed to help people identify with past issues and how they affect contemporary Aboriginal people. It also encourages workers to come up with their own solutions around better service delivery and building partnerships.