Researching with Aboriginal Communities

Robert is very mindful of Aboriginal community and individuals during the research process, failing to understand difference in values and culture may be a reckless act that jeopardises both the ethics and quality of research. However, to do better is not always straightforward. Working with difference in a research context takes time, care, patience and the building of robust relationships.

Consulting with Aboriginal Communities

Robert has a clear insight when engaging in proper consultation with Aboriginal people and communities on issues that affect them this is an important process that must occur, particularly within government. An effective consultation process requires openness about how, why and when they are being consulted and how much influence they will have over the decisions being made.

To ensure the effective conduct of consultative processes, there is a need to: Identify the sort of representation required in the first instance; work through local Aboriginal agencies to find the right person or group to link to and to get information on the best way to approach them.